How to use storytelling for your Brand : there are three ways

How to use storytelling for your Brand : there are three ways

Marketing and constant attention to yourself are an integral part of the company. But the company does not need attention, but from the profit that comes from the sale of products and services. True, in order to sell, a brand must first draw people’s attention to the product. The best way to achieve this is to tell stories.

So it turns out that any business eventually attracts attention, whether it likes it or not. In the end, now everything is PR. We talk about storytelling and how to use the power of stories.

There is only one way to attract the attention of your audience – by telling stories.

Companies should know this well because each brand has its own history. How to use storytelling for the benefit of your business? There are several options.

Let others tell your story

Brands create products, not stories. To create a story, a company needs to find a good storyteller. It is important to understand that when you find such a person, he will want to tell stories about the brand in his own way.
It’s a challenge. But people who tell stories have a wide audience-and this is already an opportunity. Storytellers have many followers because they tell the stories people want to hear.

Most importantly, these stories are relevant or interesting to the audience. Readers have a feeling that the narrator understands them, knows what they need. This builds trust between the narrator and his audience, which is the foundation of any good relationship.
What it means: when you find someone to tell your story, you praise the trust of their audience.

The narrator has a large audience because he shares with people the stories they want to hear. With the storyteller, the brand praises its audience

Tell your story to others

When you tell your brand story yourself, you control the content, but you reach a smaller audience.
Why? Because you’re talking about yourself. Instead of understanding people, your audience, you ask them to understand you. Unfortunately for the company and fortunately for people in general, few people worry about you, everyone worries more about themselves.

The challenge is that, despite the fact that each brand has its own story, companies do not know how to tell interesting stories about themselves. But they do their products well.
With stories, everything is not as clear as with the product, and no one has a price attached to them.
That said, when you tell the story yourself, you build a trusting relationship with your small audience. This has its own possibilities. Trust in time leads to an increase in the audience, but it does not exist without constancy.

The brand caters to a small (but engaged) audience using a story about itself. And this is his own non-rented audience

Another way to use storytelling is to say nothing

Few people think that there is another way-not to tell anyone the story of your brand.
Try to tell people a story about themselves. Write what is interesting for your audience.
This is how Cosmopolitan magazine, Tinkoff magazine, WIRED and all other media work. Magazine editors and authors are specialists in women’s cosmetics, finance and technology (and everything in between), and they tell stories to people who are interested in these topics. For the publisher, the subject is his expertise. For the reader-interest.

Brands (as you probably know) do too. Autodesk develops 3D software and its Redshift talks about the future of creative construction. Google sells information and their Think With Google talks about the future of marketing.

A brand can reach a wider audience by talking about topics that interest its audience. Thus, the company positions itself as an expert in areas of knowledge that inspire the public.
You may have noticed that not only the media works in this way, but also Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte and all other services that adapt to the interests of a person.

What should you keep in mind if you choose this path for your business? Tell the stories people want to hear. This is the way to success.

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