Personal brand, personal brand, self-marketing – a step-by-step creation algorithm

Personal brand, personal brand, self-marketing – a step-by-step creation algorithm

Another hype that will not subside. Do you know the reason?
People keep paying for”this”!
Oh, like everyone needs a personal brand. Let’s build your personal brand. Well, where are you, Fedor Ivanovich, without a personal mark?
As a rule, it ends with light photography and content in the style of how I became a director of Promtekhsnab LLC.

And “it”, well, has nothing to do with the concept of personal branding!

I suggest you take a look at this story from a marketing perspective… Let’s see what a human product should consist of and why an Instagram account is not enough?

“First of all, this story is not about advertising, but about cash!”

This phrase of Denis Kaplunov, I heard and remembered forever.
A personal brand increases your price as a specialist and removes your brand name in a niche.

Do you agree that no professional photo shoot plays a role here?

The gradual arrival at the human 2 human model, in many ways, indicated the need to develop our own marketing.

People want to associate with someone.People want to buy according to the model ” – Oh, class! I like this guy or girl very much, because I understand and am close to his views, the model of his judgments, the model of his behavior. “People buy from people like them or from people they want to look like!

But here all kinds of perceptual distortions and distortions in social networks come into play.

The phenomenon of ATTENTION ECONOMYISM appears – an expert is not an expert, but an expert in the eyes of the public, shouting about it at every corner!

In order not to give all the laurels to experts, you need to work on your own marketing. The personal brand will distinguish you from the competition and increase the price of your services!

How does it work?

When you are a valuable specialist in a particular field (culinary photographer, for example), any company that dreams of high-quality photography will come to you first. But you are busy, already for 1 month in advance everything is planned and here the price of services is climbing. Because no one can do it better than you, and the whole market is aware of this.

I really do not like how the “personal BRAND” or “building a personal brand” is distorted today by SMM specialists and resellers who, on the hype, began to create a product for the resulting demand.

As a result, the lion’s share of the population and business meeting places formed the opinion that if you began to broadcast live broadcasts on Instagram, publish photos of both work and leisure, then you are already on your horse and a little left to popularity.
So of course it does not work…

Customers who hired such pseudo-specialists were convinced of this. Took the hit.

The fact is that every person is a product.
In the case of personal branding and self marketing, it is a product of skills and a real service / problem solving. After all, when your car breaks down, you first call your acquaintances and ask who can help you (and in 99% of cases they give you a number and say “call me!»).

This is a miniature personal brand.

Kolya a mechanic will do you better than in the most expensive car center.
Here is a direct example of Kolya’s positioning and how his word of mouth works. Kolya spent zero rubles on traffic and attraction – he just does his job well, and people leave. Because they know Kolya – he does not deceive!

Before placing a product on the market and showing it to the end user, the product must be developed. And here’s how to make the basic elaboration, we’ll talk about it below.

Personal branding, branding, self marketing – you can disassemble it in stages and, in order, work on yourself endlessly!

I identified 10 steps:

  1. You choose a nichein which you will build yourself as an expert. There are many techniques for choosing a niche and not making a mistake.
    For example, I remember 15 criteria when choosing a niche (rarely more or less):
  • personal competence – availability of


shrinkage factor-low competition –
new ocean-availability of

  • growth rate –
    growing trend –
    different audiences –
    lack of seasonality –
    repeat sales –
    medium-short transaction cycle –
    time / money –
  1. Create a competitive map. Are there large enough fish in the niche that will take away all the prey from you, or is this niche very deep-no one sees it, and everyone swims to the surface in search of a feeder.
  2. Create an editorial policy – with whom I work and with whom I do not work. Surrounding yourself with the right customers is very important in personal brand strategy. It’s like face control in a nightclub-they leave those who want to be attracted to this club and those who will create an atmosphere in this club. It’s the same with customers. My advice – do not work with cranks and be able to recognize them at the entrance!

four. Storytelling – how I got to this niche, what difficulties I faced and how I won everyone. People love stories and when there is something to read about you, you have already won.

  1. Form your mission (why you ? What motivates you? What are you saying?)
  2. Create your PITCH is your unique speech. For example, I will bring up to 1000 warm customers to your site in one day. Sell your apartment 10% more expensive than the market price in less than a week. This is your main offer, which you write on the website, in social networks and anywhere – in the end you will say online for a cup of coffee at the next event.
  3. Tell us about yourself in numbers (12 years of sales, more than 60 projects, etc. – the task of this block is to show how cool you are)
  4. Visual packaging of all contact points… Business cards, logo, how you look on social networks, what message you convey with your appearance! Are you talking about seriousness or, on the contrary, carelessness?

9.Collect opinions… People buy the product that people like them use (in their opinion) or that they like. Therefore, people who talk about you must reflect the essence of your brand, the essence of you!

Ten. Create a range of products… An offer must be prepared for each application. Up to 86% of customer calls are repeated. Organize and build the customer journey (sales funnel)

There are more than 15 criteria that you must meet before creating your personal brand, but they are more thorough and not everyone will understand now what to do with it.

But even with the observance of these 10 points and the correct study, you will already stand out from your competitors and significantly stand out in the market!
Still, why do you need a personal brand?

  • Personal branding significantly reduces the cost of attracting a potential customer
  • the personal brand works for loyalty, you do not have to tell this customer why you need to buy from you
  • the personal brand sets you apart in the niche and increases the value of your services over time, as more and more hits will be

You need to understand that this process can last for many years or not produce results at all. Do not believe when they tell you that “we will build your personal brand for 50 thousand rubles – it will take two months” – drive them …. somewhere!

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