How to write good text for a website yourself

How to write good text for a website yourself

The article is useful for entrepreneurs who write the text of the site themselves. We will present the process of preparing a text from scratch until its completion, we will share useful services and recommendations from people who know a lot about it.


  • Three important rules for writing texts for the site
  • How to write clear text for each section of the site
  • Useful tips

Three important rules for writing texts for a website

At the very beginning, it is worth removing high expectations. So let’s start with three important rules.

1.Do not overestimate the power of the text

Weak text on the site does not lower sales, and strong text does not significantly increase them.

Make sure that people need your product, sellers are selling, the product is in stock, and the office manager is not rude on the phone. If the company decreases sales, the text will not solve the problem.

2.Do not write if you can show

Text is the backbone of any website, but remember that no text can replace a photo.

If you sell multi-colored Swedish socks, a photo will tell you more about their beauty than a text page. Support the text with illustrations or even replace the text with photographs.

Do not write about what can be shown.
Write showcolorful socks are worn under classic shoes, moccasins and everyday shoes, with jeans and even

3.Beautifully realize the text on the site

Even the best text will not be read if it is incorrectly formatted. Beautiful is minimalist and not flashy.

Buyers like concise and clear texts so that they can immediately understand what is offered to them and whether they need it. Therefore, pay attention to the design of the text, explore the possibilities of Tilda’s design and use the built-in typograph.

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