7 good habits of the rich that distinguish them from the poor

7 good habits of the rich that distinguish them from the poor

Now it’s no secret that rich people have special habits that help them not only not to lose their money, but also constantly improve their level of well-being. In many countries of the world, this was noticed a very long time ago. Such people behave not only in a special way, they even try to move to other regions, isolated from “poverty”.

Many of them sincerely believe that poverty is such a disease. And since many of them know poverty firsthand, these people do their best to distance themselves from the poor, trying to correct their weaknesses and habits, fighting their own fears.

A large group of people on our planet is still convinced that it is possible to become rich only in a miraculous way. That’s why many people are so passionate about scavenging, buying lottery tickets, casinos and raffles. It seems to them that at some point luck will turn to them, and they will become the happiest owners of wealth. And after the money appeared, you will miraculously have the “good” friends, you will be able to open a profitable business, and family relations will become exemplary.

It only seems to a person that he does not live his life. He gets an average job in a mediocre company, not seeking to reach significant heights there. Employers reciprocate, paying meager wages and not promoting the person in office for years. Life goes on as usual. This man grows, matures, begins to age, but he never gets a perfect job.

He makes several attempts to change his life, trying to find a better job. But attempts to” change the punch for soap ” do not lead to anything. He is greeted by the same ” new ” faces, his work remains the same mediocre, and the level of wages is still quite low. And this person begins to get used to the idea that living this way is normal.

He starts a family, he has children, he takes an apartment on a mortgage. His needs are increasing, but his salary remains the same. And the mortgage only connects him more to his current place of work. After all, if you do not have savings, the risks should be minimized. Be patient and work, do your daily routine. Get up at six in the morning and go to bed closer to midnight. Chronic lack of sleep, endless fatigue, a huge list of unnecessary and insignificant tasks and assignments.

Excuse me, did he dream about it when he was still a boy? Why does not he manage to make ends meet, and the rich neighbor only manages to buy a new apartment, constantly changes cars, does not go out of resorts abroad. What’s so special? After all, in appearance you can not say that this neighbor in one way or another stands out from the general mass of people. The same head, the same arms and legs.

It is possible that the Almighty endowed this person with special abilities that allow him to easily achieve his goals. And, of course, this rich man is very lucky. In addition, he knows some secrets that allow him to succeed, and at the same time he is not particularly eager to share them with the people around him.

The rich are definitely different from the poor. But can everything be explained by simple luck or special knowledge that opens all the doors to a rich man? But what if a rich person has special habits and at the same time does not seek to behave in ordinary life like the average person? What if it was these everyday habits that led him to wealth and success?

But if this is the case, you need to start as soon as possible to study the daily habits of the rich. And then just try to learn how to behave in this way, then you will be able to attract luck and wealth.

But this idea came a long time ago to a man named Tom Corley. He not only managed to communicate with a large number of rich people, but also managed to share the acquired knowledge with everyone. And you just need to buy his book and start reading it carefully as soon as possible.

This person is a financier by education. He is a successful financial advisor in the United States. His task is to take care of other people’s money, protect it and increase it. When he works well, the owners of this money make a solid profit, and he earns quite impressive commissions.

Tom has set himself a rather important goal. He decided to follow the daily life of about 350 people. But he grouped them in a rather cunning way. Exactly half of these people were poor, and the other half were considered rich. But who should be considered rich and who should be considered poor? He introduced additional criteria for distinguishing one group from another.

He considers a poor person to be a person who earns no more than dollars 30,000 a year. At the same time, a rich person can not afford to earn less than 160,000 people. The land qualification of the poor is dollars 5,000, and for the rich it is not less than dollars 3,200,000.

It was the behavior of these people that Tom studied almost 24 hours a day, spending seven days a week on them. And all this was by mutual agreement, without constraint. He carefully monitored the time at which a person got out of bed, how he spent the day, what time he returned to bed and fell asleep.

Anyone could read his book, Everyday Success: The Habits of Rich People, from one end to the other. But people who do not have enough time can selectively study the proposed material. Not only will they learn more about the habits of the rich, but they will also be able to save time by reading a whole book. And if the presented material turns out to be quite useful for them, it will already be possible to buy his book and disassemble it into quotations, hanging them on the walls of your house.

You can not read about the behavior of the poor in this article. Otherwise, it would have increased significantly in volume. He will only mention the behavior of the poor, how their behavior differs from that of the rich.

7 habits that distinguish the rich from the poor

Separately, it will be said what exactly the poor prefer not to do. If they do it, it’s very bad, and even then only occasionally. Rich people do the opposite. They perform their daily ritual with manic perseverance, ignoring daily fatigue, restlessness and even ailments. Start.

Rich people wake up early

More than 44% of these people do not get soaked in bed and wake up 3 hours earlier than others. If for some reason they did not manage to get up 3 hours earlier, they get up at least 2 hours or 1 hour earlier than others. And if the average person works only 8 hours a day, then he prefers to work 10-11 hours. This means that they set themselves a third of additional tasks and successfully complete them.

Rich people write their tasks on paper

More than 70% of people live according to the previously prepared plan. Plan the day, week, month and even a whole year ahead. Describes the task-put it in the plan. Completed in full – put a note at the end.

If for some reason the task cannot be completed today, it is postponed until tomorrow. No shortcomings, no indulgences. If daily tasks are performed faster, then medium-and long-term plans are adjusted. They want to work efficiently, so they strive to control their time.

Rich people make good use of lunchtime

What does the average person do when it’s legal lunch time? Ideally, you need to “escape” from work 10 minutes earlier, and then imperceptibly linger for the same 10 minutes. If the direction does not interfere with this, the lunch break increases significantly.

How do the rich use this time? At this time, they search for the necessary information on the Internet, confer, write letters and make business calls, re-read the documentation and even make useful contacts. This is what about 55% of the rich do. How long does it usually take people to get the calories they need? No more than 10 minutes. The rest of the time they continue to work hard. They also do not suffer from chronic diseases. Why? More information below.

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